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Not all stories can be confined within

Some stories stay with us long after we’ve closed the pages of a book, or turned off the television, or walked out of a movie theatre. They live in our heads, delighting us or haunting us. We turn the details of these stories over in our minds, teasing apart their puzzles and exploring every emotional nuance. Some stories never leave us; some stories follow us home.

The Boundless Library is a groundbreaking way to experience stories. Told across multiple formats and from varied perspectives, each of our transmedia experiences stretch what stories can be. Through complex and interactive narrative forms, our stories might span multiple timelines — or even multiple realities!

One fragment of a story might come to you in an exquisitely crafted package filled with unusual relics; another might come as an unnerving audio recording; and a third may come as a digital research dossier.

Members of the Boundless Library take on the role of storytellers themselves, unravelling the mysteries of the experiences the library holds. This might be solving puzzles and assembling clues along a complex timeline; it might be reconstructing correspondence between two characters separated by time and space; or it might be making meaning when things are not all that they seem to be. The deeper you explore our stories, the more secrets they will have for you to find.

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